..: Sponsors :..

We are currently looking for sponsors! Anything helps!

 Please contact, Info@bmorelax.net for more details! We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit and provide a great way to help a cause and all sponsorships are 100% tax deductible! We are willing to help our sponsors in any way we can. 

..: News :..

Playoff schedule has been posted. Please make sure to check before coming to the field in the event of inclement weather. Best of luck. We are also looking for teams to compete for a second session or an end of summer tournament. Please email matt@bmorelax.net if interested. 

***Please watch for inclement weather messages from the league. The rec will make a decision based on forecasts and the league will then post to the website. The league does not make the calls regarding inclement weather, the rec does based on weather and field conditions. We notify asap when there is a change in schedule. Please stay tuned to the website prior to games for any scheduling changes.

If you have any questions feel free to email, Matt@bmorelax.net

 ..: Game Day :..

Game is On!